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The Breathe Ministries Team

               Pastor Robert E. Millius                             Executive Director


Sandra Millius 

               Director of Finance


Breathe Ministries of NC born from a vision that I was called to do for our Lord Jesus Christ. As the 20 year journey began I watched the Lord perform many miracles in my journey. From the birth of my son, keeping us protected and then placing my wife and anchor into my life when I needed it most.


 The calling lead me to a group of very important kids that don't get the attention they deserve. Where are they? What happens to them? Where do they go after they turn 18 years old?

The teens I speak of are teenagers who live in childrens homes and AGE OUT of the foster care system. Every year tens of thousands of teens face this huge change in their lives only to fall victim to the evils of this world. Breathe Ministries of NC provides these children with much needed love and resources that allow us to build last relationships with them.


Breathe Ministries of NC provides outdoor adventures that through the activities they learn to Trust in themselves, communication, confidence, team work.