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Can you imagine living everyday hoping that the time comes that you're being "looked at" by a forever family? Can you imagine knowing if you become sick, there will be no family around to comfort you? 

 When was the last time you heard a voice standing up for children waiting to be adopted?  The Still Water Project will do just that. Providing them with a breath of fresh air and a new voice. 

Breathe believes that all children need to be reassured that despite their current situation they can become anything that their heart desires. Teaching them that with God, hard work and positive people in their lives, the opportunities in this world are endless. So come, step outside and Just Breathe.... 


 To inspire and encourage our youth to step out and believe beyond their current situation.



To have enhanced the hearts and minds of children using motivational teachings, love and the great outdoors.




Did you know there are currently over 500,000 children in the foster care system. 123,000 of those are currently waiting for adoption.

Children left in the system to age out have shocking statistics and those who have spent time in foster care have a bleak future.

Children in foster care are 4x as likely to attempt suicide and 5x as likely to become drug dependent.

1/3 of the males will be incarcerated before the age of 21

70% of the females will become pregnant before the age of 21



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